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How to Thank a Nurse After Hospice Care Has Ended

How to Thank a Nurse After Hospice Care Has Ended

Let’s face it, all nurses are performing some incredible duties while facing some of the most extreme medical situations imaginable. These dedicated souls are working round the clock to provide exceptional care and are usually sacrificing their sleep, time with family, and other important parts of their life for this career.

Nursing is an emotionally taxing career at the best of times and nurses are overburdened and feeling very burned out. Showing them a little appreciation of a great way to lift their spirits and remind them of what matters most.

Nurses who provide hospice care are often the most overlooked. Dealing with death on a daily basis is something that requires a certain skill set, to deal with both the loved ones and the patient compassionately.

So, after hospice care for your terminal loved one has ended why not show a little appreciation for the nurse who cared for them at the end of their life?



You may think that this is over the top but this is probably the perfect way to way thank you to nurses providing care.

A foot care, spa, massage or even a shoe store voucher is a great ideas for nurses. A nurse is often on their feet all day and if they aren’t wearing the right footwear, that pain is just an added stress to the already stressful demands they experience each day.

This is something I did because our favorite caregiver had very worn footwear for we bought her an Amazon gift card so she could buy a new pair of the best white nurses shoes with it. If you’re looking for how much to give then check the prices of nursing shoes first on a guide to the best nursing shoes like this one from This really is a great thank you gift to give!



In addition to a thank you card, buy a bouquet of cheerful flowers and bring them to your nurse. Flowers are a great way to show your appreciation because they add a thoughtful touch to liven their mood.

If you’re too busy or unable to deliver this endearing thank you gift, flowers can easily be delivered and brought directly to your nurse. In the midst of a stressful day, receiving a spontaneous thank you bouquet is sure way to put a smile on their face.



Words are a powerful to send a message. Write a thank you note to your nurse after your loved ones’ hospice care has ended. It doesn’t have to be long but write enough to explain exactly what you loved about the experience with your nurse and how she eased your family’s suffering.

Remind them how caring and dedicated they are, that their support gave you needed and the little memories that were shared between the two of you. This simple thank you is a quick and easy way to show your appreciation.



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